"Integrative medicine will be the medicine of the future"


Dr. Mike is a board certified Acupuncture Physician who serves the greater Orlando area. He received his license from Florida State Board of Acupuncture and eventually earned The Master of Auricular Medicine Certificate from Dr. Li Chun Huang “The Queen of Auricular Medicine”. He’s been helping Orlando residents with acute and chronic pain and stress related health problems for more than a decade. After his six-year career as an acupuncturist in Orlando, Dr. Mike decided it was time for a change and moved over seas, where he was offered a teaching position at the Traditional Medicine University. In addition to teaching, Dr. Mike has been treating patients suffering from all sources of diseases such as Migraines, MS, Stroke, Shingle, Arthritis, Side effects of Chemotherapy and of course many painful disorders like Tension and Cluster headaches, Neck, Back, Hip, Knee, Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist , Finger pain , and Plantar Fasciitis.
If you’ve considered acupuncture care in the past but were afraid of needles, Dr. Mike offers “Auricular Medicine”, which is a safe, effective and no needle technique and in addition to treating pain, he offers Nutritional Counseling & Food Therapy Solutions to Treating Fatigue, Sleep disorders, and Weight loss. He works with all age groups, including children 8 years and older
– National Auricular Detoxification Specialist (NADA)
– Master of Auricular Medicine (Auricular Medicine International Research & Training Center)
– Non-Surgical Facelift (American Academy of Acupuncture)
– AcuPoint Injection Therapy (Florida College of Integrative Medicine)